McDonalds or Mangos

Today we will be talking about the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods.

Here is a link to the Padlet where the students have made statements about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Once you have completed your discussion, you need to take your healthy food pictures and cut and paste them onto your Healthy Food Posters. These will hopefully be displayed in the classroom and throughout Building 1.

If you have heard of the “Healthy Food Pyramid” or want a bit of a head start on the next Inquiry lesson… Might be something to have a look at!

Solving Problems


Today Room 4 will be learning how to use the Roads and Roundabouts strategy to help them solve problems. Using the picture below, in pairs, students need to come up with solutions to some of the problems they may face within the school. Here is a link to the padlet with out discussion about the problems.

Before choosing which road they need to take, students need to know what their options are. Once they have an understanding of the different options available to them, students can then come up with an informed solution to their problem. They then have an opportunity to reflect on the choice they have made and whether it was the best choice they could have made.


Student Welfare @ SAEPS

Yesterday Room 4 went on a tour of the school to find some of the important areas in the school yard. The first few stops lead us to the Buddy Bus Stop, a place where students who don’t have anyone to play with can sit and find someone.


From here we made our way to the Responsible Play at SAEPS and Wheel of Choice signs. There were a few of these around the school but we decided to just stop at the one.

Our final stop was out the front of Building 3 where you can find the school values; learning, respect, responsibility and cooperation. These are the values of the school and are discussed in great detail with the students. We will be further exploring the values in Term 1 and throughout the year.