Homework Task Week 8

You have two jobs this week for homework.

The first is to have a go at playing the maths games you can find on the “Time Games” post on the blog.

The second task is to collect research for the information report you will be writing. This will be about an animal. This animal doesn’t have to be living today if you want. You will be writing the report in class.

Siu: Seal


LJ: Tasmanian Tiger


Yen: Tiger

Chirag: Snake

April: Dog

Sapa: Cat

Sengi: Elephant Shrew (Sengi)



Emily: Triceratops

Harjas: Tasmanian Devil

Haylee: Wolf

Jackson: Penguin

Eishal: Snow Leopard

Catherine: Alpaca

Peter: Megaladon

Tonu: Humpback Whale

Cohen: Bald Eagle

Tracy: Lemur

Jerry: Panda

Mr Coleman: Meerkat

Homework Grid Term 1

You can access a digital copy of your homework by clicking on the link above.

This is your homework for Term 1. You will be given this handout and will be expected to complete between 1-3 of the tasks allocated for each week. As we have discussed, homework will be check each Friday. This gives you more than enough time to get these tasks completed.

There is a page where you can post questions you have about the homework task and I will check it daily. Please feel free to come and see me at recess or lunch if you have any questions you want me to answer at school.

18 more school days!

I can not believe that we are already so close to the end of the school year! If you include today… There are only 18 more days left of school.

Keep on reading, for homework you shall!

There are also only 18 school days until the new Star Wars movie ūüėõ


Here are some interesting facts about the number 18:

In China the number 18 is considered a very favourable¬†number. It is associated with someone who is number 18going to have great success and prosper! The reason is that when 18 is alternatively pronounced ŚĻļŚÖę (yńĀo bńĀ), it strongly resembles the words ‚Äúgoing to prosper‚ÄĚ.

Living in house number 18 or apartment 18 is considered fortunate. Certainly running a business from number 18 should be an indicator of success.

More Pewter Homework

This will be due on Wednesday the 25th of November.


Everyone: Predict what will happen in the next 5 Chapter (Only 1 Prediction)

Everyone: Clarify unknown words from all 5 Chapters

Christian: Questioning and Visualising Chapter 11

Sasha: Questioning and Visualising Chapter 12

Hoang: Questioning and Visualising Chapter 13

Kevain: Questioning and Visualising Chapter 14

Lindzy: Questioning and Visualising Chapter 15

Everyone: Summarise what you have read (Only 1 Summary)


If you have any questions, please come and see me before Wednesday!