What happens when you add Room 4 and Room 7?

You get two grades learning how to do addition from each other!


Today we all took advantage of the beautiful weather to demonstrate just how hard our two grades have been working. My class and Mr French’s classes got together to let the students demonstrate their knowledge of addition. They were given chalk and had to find a space in the yard where they would become the teacher. Their job was to teach their class (small group) how to add. They were able to choose how difficult their “sums” were and then let lose into the wild.


We even had a surprise visit from Henry and Duyen from Room 16 who helped us demonstrate what they know.


Responsible for Learning

As we are now entering term 3 and have passed the middle of the year, the students of Room 4 have all agreed that they are ready to increase what they are responsible for in the classroom.


The students have agreed to be accountable for these responsibilities and are encouraged to keep each other on track.


Here are a few examples of the students being responsible by “taking control of their learning” by creating the classroom anchor charts.




Time Games

Spent a little bit of time on the internet last night and found a few maths games to help you tell the time.


Telling the time to the 5 minute


Telling the time based on the language of past and to


Telling the time to the nearest minute


(Shoot the basketball into the hoop to answer the question)

Post your highest scores so we can see how well everyone has done!

Bar, Bar, Bar, Line, Pie?

Sometimes the students in Room 4 make it very hard not to be proud of all of them!

I set the students a challenge, they had to collect data from all of the Grade 3/4 students and then display this data in a graph of their choice. But you know what… They decided that all of Grade 3/4 was still too little! A lazy 110 students wasn’t going to be big enough for them! So using their own initiative, they decided to collect data from the whole school.

Collectively the students came up with the questions they were going to ask and how they planned on collecting all of the data. Once that was organised away they went. Each small group of students visited the different classrooms and collected information about “What Animal does SAEPS like the most”.

With all of this data collected students came together once again and combined all of the findings, choosing to present this in a table using tally marks. From here students then went and created their own graphs (bar/column, line, horizontal, picture or pie) to display their findings.

IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1193 IMG_1187 IMG_1189

I provided the boundaries for the students, but everything came from their own ideas. They came up with solutions to all of the problems and successfully determined that according to the data “Dogs are the best animals with 44% of students choosing dog as their favourite”. – Which makes me sad because I wanted Cats to win!

The Minecraft Build Challenge – Part 2


The build challenge is now over! You all put in a lot of effort into your builds but there are three that really stood out.

In 3rd Place – Luke

Luke had no experience playing Minecraft but that didn’t stop him! Working out everything from scratch on his own, Luke started was well on his way to getting his house completed!



In 2nd place – Azaria and Himanot

Two girls who struggled to master the controls, but somehow managed to keep their cool and ended up building a fairly impressive house. Between the two of them they made a number of rooms and would have finished if time had not expired.




Honourable Mentions:

Hoang and Amir


Got very close but just ran out of time

The winners of the build contest and team that got the closest to completing their house…




While the two girls did not complete their building, they came the closest and made sure they included all of the rooms in their planning. They did a fantastic job and that is why they are the winners of the build challenge.




Well done! You have all successfully attempted to complete the first Volume build challenge. Now is when it gets slightly more difficult. Using the guidelines below, you will need to accurately construct a house and calculate how many blocks of diamond you can store in it. Good luck, and may the odds be forever in your favour!


I very strongly suggest you try and build a rectangular house, as this will make calculating the Volume of the house easier… However this is you and your partner’s house so in the end it will be up to you to work it out!


Your house NEEDS to include:

Two Bedrooms (L=6 W=5)

Master Bedroom (54 Blocks in total) – NOT A SQUARE

Bathroom (L=4 W=4)

Kitchen (L=10 W=4)

Lounge Room (L=8 W=8)

Dining Room (L=8 W=6)

Anything else you think would be necessary for someone to live in your house!


All builds will be screen captured and displayed on this post.

The Minecraft Build Challenge – Part 1

The results are in…


The team that built the biggest container and managed to stay within the 1028 block limit was:

Deven and Peter


Their building could hold a massive 4940 blocks of water!


There were a number of builds that were really close to completion, however these are two that were finished and measurable at the conclusion of the session

2015-09-16_14.23.17 2015-09-16_14.24.50


WELL DONE EVERYONE! Get ready for more challenges tomorrow…


This is part 1 of a 2 part challenge testing your knowledge about Volume

Each group is going to get a maximum of 1028 blocks. You ‘re challenge is going to be to build a structure that will hold the largest amount of water. You will need to use what you have learnt about mass and capacity in class to help you build your structure. Working in teams of two, the winning team will have an advantage in the next part of the building challenge.


Things to remember:

How to calculate volume


You will be building in cobblestone and will be provided with the necessary tools to ensure that you don’t lose any blocks once you have placed them. All structures will be screen captured and uploaded to the blog!


Good Luck!