Student Welfare @ SAEPS

Yesterday Room 4 went on a tour of the school to find some of the important areas in the school yard. The first few stops lead us to the Buddy Bus Stop, a place where students who don’t have anyone to play with can sit and find someone.


From here we made our way to the Responsible Play at SAEPS and Wheel of Choice signs. There were a few of these around the school but we decided to just stop at the one.

Our final stop was out the front of Building 3 where you can find the school values; learning, respect, responsibility and cooperation. These are the values of the school and are discussed in great detail with the students. We will be further exploring the values in Term 1 and throughout the year.

It’s A New Year

I would officially like to welcome everyone to Room 4! This year will be a year filled with students learning, cooperating, being responsible and being respectful.


Throughout the year this blog will be used to assist the students in their learning and to celebrate their achievements and successes! In the coming days you will get to meet the students who are all part of the Room 4 Family.


Huzzah and congratulations!

Every single student worked really hard over the last few days to complete all of the different parts of NAPLAN! And now it is done and dusted.

Well done guys! Have one more day at school tomorrow and then Mr Coleman thinks you can have two days off to celebrate 😛

And with that there is now only one assessment piece left! Students completed the reading component of NAPLAN today and will be tackling the Mathematics component tomorrow.

Three down and One to go!

Today is day 1 of NAPLAN. Students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of Language Conventions and of Narrative writing today. For most Grade 3 students this is their first official piece of assessment completed under test conditions.

Overall they all worked really hard and deserve a big long rest tonight before it is time to complete the Reading component of the assessment tomorrow!