Dear Mr.Coleman,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Thanks for being the best teacher and my teacher this year I appreciate everything that you done for me this year and I had a great year and maybe one of the best.

Thanks for being my teacher!
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P.S. It took me a while for me to find a design and actually get it right!


Sasha- Pewter home work

James and the giant peach


Prediction: I predict that chapters 16-20 are about James going on a journey in the giant peach because in the blurb it said that he is going on an extraordinary journey.



Hurtling cha 16 pg 45 line 5

Plunging cha 16 pg 45 line 4

Bungalows cha 16 pg 45 third line from the bottom

Serenely cha 16 pg 47 last line

Coiled cha 17 pg 49 line 1

Giddy cha 17 pg 50 last line

Amidst mounting cha 17 pg 51 forth line from the bottom

Grisly cha 18 pg 53 fifth line from the bottom

Jehoshophat cha 18 pg 54 line 7

Aghast cha 19 pg 58 third line from the bottom

Pandemoinium cha 19 pg 60 line 4

Threshing cha 20 pg 61 line 8

Coaxing cha 20 pg 61 line 9

Absurd cha 20 pg 63 line 5

Martyr cha 20 pg 64 lines 12


Why did the glow worms light not shine properly?


In my head I can see James and the other creatures going up and down and bumping into each other.


These chapters are about James going on an adventure in the giant peach and going through the whole city in the giant peach

Sasha- wonderings with Amir and Chris

Why can’t we see heat? You can’t see heat because you can only feel it.

What is the hottest thing on earth? By zapping a piece of aluminium with the world’s most powerful x-ray laser, physicists have heated matter to 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit (2 million degrees Celsius)—making it briefly the hottest thing on Earth

Why does fire make food black? It all depends on how long people leave the food on the stove or in the oven or what temperature they put on the oven.

How can two rocks be used to create fire? Heat coaxes the rocks into a smouldering charcoal.

What happens when heat gets cold? When heat gets cold it loses all its energy.

By : Sasha, Amir, Chris

Hoang, Lavina and Luke- Heat wooonderings!!

Heat wonderings

Why can’t you see heat?

You can’t see heat but you can see the effects that the heat creates example optical illusions are from heat messing around with your brain.

What is the hottest thing on earth?

An X-Ray laser that goes up to 3.6 million in Fahrenheit.

Why does fire make food black?

Because the heat burns the skin of the food that makes it black.

How can two rocks be used to make fire?

By friction and the energy inside the rock.

BONUS: What happens when heat gets cold?

Then the heat has less energy therefore the ‘hot’ becomes warm.

By Hoang Lavina and Luke.

Lavina – Wonderings with Tin, Luke and Charli


What species make heat?

Humans makes heat.

How does heat produce optical illusions?

The heat far away makes you think it looks wet. Than when you go closer it not wet. The heat makes the wavey look.

Why are explosions hot?

Explosion are hot because fire is hot and if you put rocks, paper or wood it keeps burning. And that’s how explosions are hot.

How does rubbing sticks together makes fire?

When you rub sticks together it causes friction and makes fire.


Lindzy = Pewter Homework

James and the Giant Peach


I think these chapters are going to be about James finding some mysterious bugs


Reclining[ch11 pg31 ln7]

Famished[ch11 pg31 ln16]

Broadly[ch12 pg34 ln16]

Suspended[ch13 pg36 ln2]

Gossamer[ch13 pg36 ln8]

Ambled[ch13 pg37 ln10]

Repulsive[ch14 pg40 ln14]

Gnocerous and Gnu[ch14 pg. 42 paragraph 2 Ln. 1]


Why did Aunt Spiker say we will make a fortune today?

Why did the aunts wonder where James was last night?

How did the peach roll onto the ground?

Visualising :

I saw to old women thinking they will get a lot of money and think they have every thing they need


These chapters have been about James seeing some incredible creatures. He sees a grasshopper a spider and even a earthworm but that’s not all there were more for James.

Shykeena – The Buddy Bus Stop and the SAEPS Values

This is a Buddy Bus Stop , some children go here if they don’t have anyone to play with during recess and lunch. You can find these bus stops near the Art room and at the eating area and also behind the table tennis tables near the toilets. This is great because if you are all alone and at the Buddy Bus Stop, someone might come and might want to be your friend.


Here are the school values. They are Responsibility, Learning, Cooperation and Respect. They are important because they teach you the right things you should be doing and they make you a good person.


Hoang – St. Martin’s Youth Program

Today Russ came to our school to teach us about including and excluding, here are some dot points on some of the things we either did or what we learnt.

  • We learnt why including is important to other people and why excluding is bad when you exclude someone without thinking.
  • We learnt how to use teamwork with the human knot activity.

Russ was a very funny person we all had a good time and hope he will come back to do it again.