Making Maps of Australia

Today the students tested their knowledge of Australia by trying to draw our great country using only what they remembered. Once they completed the task they checked their drawings by using atlases or the iPads and made modifications to their drawings.


Here are the children at work!


The END Result!

Here is a playlist of all of Room 4’s Healthy Food and Drink ads.

Students have discussed what they thought was great about the videos and what they would improve for next time. I am already looking forward to the next time we do this!

Jingle Jingle

Too often do we see ads about “Sometimes” food and drinks! But where are the ads encouraging you to eat and drink the things that are so good for your health and bodies?

Today you have a difficult task, in small groups you have to pick a healthy food that you all love and need to make a commercial encouraging people to eat or drink healthy. You will have access to the iPads and the internet to research your healthy item and get ideas for your commercials.

Any questions you have you can put them into this padlet and I will answer as many as I can while you are working!